Who we are

We specialize in performance upgrades, especially forced induction.

Anthony has been working on cars since he was 17 and started experimenting with fabrication only a few years later. Working in his garage at home, MIG welder in hand, he set out to operate on his own car and build it from the ground up. After fabricating his own parts, including his first custom manifold, the result was a 1995 Civic Coupe with a B20/B16 franken-motor with a Super 60 Turbo, which at 9psi puts 340hp to the wheels. Since then, he has always stepped up to the challenge of creating performance solutions for any application, from simple brackets to custom manifolds and exhaust systems. This has allowed him to hone his skills and master his "10 Finger Technique" and become the meticulous TIG welder he is today. 

What we do

Performance upgrades:

  • custom exhausts, intakes
  • custom intercooler setups
  • custom turbo setups
  • installation of bolt on parts (exhausts, intakes, coilovers / springs, etc.)
  • installation of gauges
  • clutch and flywheel upgrades
  • turbo upgrades
  • big brake kits ...and more!
  • we also sell performance parts!

Custom fabrication:

  • exhaust
  • FMIC setups
  • intake
  • custom brackets
  • intercooler piping
  • catch cans
  • turbo upgrades

    Regular maintenance:

    • oil changes (we only use OEM oil filters)
    • we use Castrol, Castrol Syntec, Motul and Liqui Moly
    • tranny fluid flushes
    • coolant flushes
    • brake service
    • timing belt / water pump
    • suspension