BTR ECU Tune for Veloster Turbo - Automatic Transmission

$1,120.00 CAD

*New Fuel Maps 
*New Ignition Maps
*New Boost Map
*New Cam Timing Map
*New Throttle Changes
*Top Speed Governor Increased
*Absolutely more power throughout the WHOLE POWERBAND

This Tune will work with STOCK and most bolt on's by adjusting the AFR through a target lambda system.

*Tuning is done on a new Genuine Hyundai ECU for a plug and play operation
**Dyno Graphs are for reference purposes and individual results may vary
*** Baffled Oil Catch Cans and HKS M45XL spark plugs are required to run the tune safely
**** MUST run high quality 100% synthetic oil to minimize low speed pre-ignition which can cause engine failure



ECU's can take up to 3 weeks for shipping


Disclaimer: As always, a fair warning that any modified engines carry different risks and the risks of running the tunes on the vehicles are solely of the vehicle owner.

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