Darton Sleeves for Evo X

$995.00 CAD

These Darton MID (Modular Integrated Deck) Sleeves for the Mitsubishi Evo X with 4B11T engine are manufactured from bulletproof ductile iron with a tensile strength in excess of 130,000 psi. The Darton MID Sleeve is engineered to reinforce the upper deck area for superior strength and reliability in high horsepower, high boost, and large bore size applications.  Every MID sleeve features Darton’s exclusive “swirl coolant technology” to enhance water flow from the block to head, promote cooling, and prevent detonation that can lead to engine failure.  We highly recommend that sleeves be installed by an experienced professional.

These sleeves will fit into a Hyundai Theta and Theta II 2.0L engine (G4KA / G4KD). The sleeves need to be bored out slightly to fit the pistons.

Bore Range: 86-90mm

These sleeves are sold in a set of 4.

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