Synchronic Blow-Off Valve (Universal) Silver Cover / Black Body

$300.00 CAD

Completely modular, it can be installed as a vent-to-atmosphere BOV or
re-circulating diverter valve
. This universal package can be outfitted to
most any application utilizing our interchangeable mounting flange system.

By design, it is a pull-type valve only. This means that boost pressure keeps
it closed, meaning no boost leaks upwards of 100+ psi of boost. It operates
in a normally open condition. This means that it is designed to remain open
under vacuum conditions. For maximum performance and reliability, it is
recommended to install the Synchronic BOV in a re-circulated configuration
with the discharge between the MAF sensor and turbocharger inlet.

Common Applications:
• Universal

Kit Contents Include:
• Synchronic BOV SB001 Silver Cover / Black Body
• SB001.1A aluminum weld flange package
• 1/8th npt brass air fittings
• 1.25” Silver Aluminum recirculation fitting
• Adjustment Allen Key

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